We are delighted to invite you to the latest in our series of technical webinars – Quectel Masterclasses.

Quectel Masterclasses feature our highly skilled team of Field Application Engineers, who will provide in-depth information on Quectel Testing Services and the attributes these offer that make Quectel’s labs stand out from third party labs.

Quectel Masterclass
No.1 Testing Services:

How to discover problems, solve
issues and reduce development time

Everyone knows that testing is a fundemental part of developing a new device or solution. The debugging phase is essential to ensure the product operates as expected and is robust enough to meet certification standards and have a long and productive life in the field. The challenge is that testing is traditionally time-consuming and expensive and organizations often rush to complete minimum- standard testing in the shortest time at the lowest cost. Often such services are provided in third party labs that understand neither the components nor the use case. What’s needed is an expert that understands both the components and the end user organization’s use case.

This Masterclass will introduce Quectel Testing Services and detail what sets them apart from typical third party service offerings. We’ll describe how Quectel Testing Services can both save you time and money and accelerate your development time.

10:00 (PST) • Thursday 20th January 2022


Yoon Seung Ryoul

North America
Certification Director

Join our live Quectel Masterclass webinar at 10:00 (PST) on Thursday 20th January, 2022 and discover:

  • Quectel’s new certification pre-scan service that can cover all regulatory certifications around the world, with full testing capabilities
  • Our highly cost effective and reliable test services that help our customers who have concerns with their designs
  • Our debugging service which enable us to work together with customers until the issue is fixed and the product is passed for certification


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We very much look forward to welcoming you to our webinar

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