MC Series September

Cat-M and NB-IoT Design Tips

6 September 2022
7pm CET / 10am PST / 12pm MEX / 2pm ART

This Quectel Masterclass highlights the relative merits of NB-IoT and Cat-M in contrast to LTE and will be particularly useful for designers who are assessing how to optimize their designs for either technology.
The Masterclass will detail:

  • World coverage for NB-IoT and Cat-M
  • The differences between LTE and Cat-M and NB-IoT
  • Design indications for the Quectel BG95 LTE/GPS module

iSIM Implementation with Quectel Modules and Kigen

7 September 2022
5pm CET / 8am PST

This Masterclass, hosted by Quectel with partner Kigen, will explain and examine the latest trends in the SIM world. Integrated SIM is of great interest to all in IoT and this masterclass will help demystify the benefits for developers and uncover the future direction of SIM evolution.

  • SIM evolution for business optimization
  • Overview of iSIM innovations
  • Quectel and Kigen partnership

Quectel Smart Modules

8 September 2022
8am CET / 2pm Shanghai time

This Masterclass will detail essential Smart Module elements and capabilities that power devices and which developers rely on to create their solutions of choice. The Masterclass will cover five key topics that will be of great interest to device designers:

  • Overview of smart modules
  • How to burn factory images Git usage
  • Compilation and QFIL package creation
  • Peripherals access

RF Design and Validation

28 September 2022
11am CET / 6am ART / 5pm Shanghai time

The Masterclass will detail the specifications of cellular technologies including WCDMA, LTE and 5G alongside Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Of specific use to developers will be sections on test methods and set up and validation and pre-certification options.
Key points to be covered include:

  • RF design challenges solved
  • Understanding specifications in cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Test methods and setups plus introduction to Quectel Test Services

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules – technical architecture, advantages and applications

30 September 2022
11am CET / 6am ART / 5pm Shanghai time

This Masterclass will examine the various wireless connectivity challenges that each technology addresses before detailing the applications and advantages that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can offer. The session will also include a live demo of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and share technical aspects to consider. We’ll also detail Quectel’s role as a provider of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth solutions.

  • Wireless connectivity challenges explored
  • Applications and advantages of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Technical aspects of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Live demo


Quectel’s passion for a smarter world drives us to accelerate IoT innovation. A highly customer-centric organization, we are a global IoT solutions provider backed by outstanding support and services. Our growing global team of over 3,000 professionals sets the pace for innovation in cellular, GNSS and WiFi/BT modules, antennas and IoT connectivity. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (603236.SS), our international leadership is devoted to advancing IoT across the globe.

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