How to maximize 5G opportunities in
Automotive and Industrial IoT

2 November 2022 8am CET/3PM CST

This Masterclass will highlight 5G capabilities and relate them to IoT industries from manufacturing to healthcare. We’ll share how 5G is enabling a wide array of new 5G automotive use cases as the technology becomes embedded in vehicles. Designers will find it especially interesting to learn about the status of 5G in India including the spectrum bands that have been made available. The session will also cover 5G use cases for IDU, ODU and CPE as well as new use cases for private 5G networks.

Key topics covered include:

  • An introduction to 5G technology
  • 5G in the Automotive industry
  • 5G for Industrial IoT
  • A look ahead to Quectel’s product portfolio and roadmap
  • Use cases for 5G

Why eSIM and iSIM can simplify and
transform IoT

7 November 2022
11am CET/6pm Shanghai/7am ART

This Special Edition Quectel Masterclass will be especially useful to IoT service providers and device designers looking to harness the advantages of the latest in SIM technology for their deployments. These come in the form of reduced cost, lower power consump- tion, longer device lifetime and simpler management. To get to the bottom of which technology is right for you, register now and join the Masterclass.

Key topics covered include:

  • What eSIM, iSIM and RSP mean for device design and operation
  • Assessment of the lifetime costs of each technology
  • Likely adoption rates and uptake drivers

Desarrollando con 5G LATAM
Developing with 5G

22 November 2022
4pm CET/12pm ART/9am MEX

En este Masterclass, comentaremos con detalles sobre las novedades del 5G, lo que esperar con la llegade del release 16 y sus aplicaciones para el IoT.
Nuestros Ingenieros de aplicación comentarán cómo optimizar la arquitectura de hardware y software para tener performance, lgunas aplicaciones hechas en Yocto y el funcionamiento de a las redes en pruebas reales.

  • Los próximos pasos de 5G: Release 16/IoT
  • Arquitectura de hardware y software
  • Aplicaciones Yocto
  • Pruebas de campo

Desarrollando con 5G BRASIL
Developing with 5G

23 November 2022
12PM BRT/4pm CET

Nesse Masterclass, abordaremos com detalhes as novidades do 5G, o que se esperar com a chegada do release 16 e quais suas aplicações IoT.
Nossos Engenheiros de aplicação darão dicas de otimização de hardware e software, como construir uma arquitetura de performance, algumas aplicações feitas em Yocto e o p funcionamento da rede em testes reais.

  • Próximos passos do 5G: Rel16/IoT
  • Arquitetura de HW/SW
  • Aplicações em Yocto
  • Teste de Campo

What’s new in 5G networks? Tips and
troubleshooting for 5G connectivity

24 November 2022
11am CET/6pm Shanghai/7am ART

This session will be particularly useful to designers looking to accommodate 5G into their latest devices. Developers will also find it useful to gain information on the latest enhancements and the tips and tricks Quectel’s experts have already uncovered to help you make it easier for 5G deliver on its promises.

Key issues covered include:

  • What’s new in 5G Release 16 covering: MIMO, DSS, EN-DC enhancements and UE power saving
  • Quectel 5G solutions: details on our cellular modules , Wi-Fi modules, Sub6GHz and mm-Wave antennas
  • Tips and troubleshooting for 5G connectiviy across USB / PCIE, QMI, MBIM, ECM usage and power management


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